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I’m a Ghostwriter of Books, Blogs, Content, etc. I stumbled into ghostwriting books back in the late 1980’s. I was working for Terry Cole Whitaker, the author, on a magazine and some other projects for her  when she came rushing into my office asking, “Anne, can you finish my book?” She explained she wasn’t liking the ghost her publisher had hired.

Shutting both eyes, knowing I’d never written any more than 1,500 or so words on a single topic, and said ‘Yes.’

The book was What You Think of Me is None of My Business. (Yes, that’s an affiliate link.) Last I looked I was named in the  acknowledgements.

How It Works (usually)

Most of my clients find me online. I make it fairly easy for people to call me (see the Contact page) and that’s how it usually begins. In rare cases I’ll get a notice that someone is looking for a ghost and I’ll initiate contact.

Although there may be a few emails exchanged, that first phone call is important. No, I don’t charge for that although I understand why some do. In addition to getting questions answered I’m also listening to get a feel for you, and for the kind of rapport we seem to have.

I’ll ask questions

Sure I’ll ask questions like those below and I’ll listen to your answers, promise.

  • Why do you want to write a book?
  • Have you gotten any writing done yet?
  • Do you already give webinars on this topic? If so I’d like to hear or see it or both.
  • Who do you see this book is for? And I’ll try to get you down to your single target audience.
  • Do you want me to write it or do you think it might make better sense to use me as a coach?
  • Do you know if you want to self publish or find a publisher?
  • Have you figured out how much you’re willing to pay your ghost yet?

Obviously, you won’t know the answer to every question. Another goal of mine is to help you understand today’s publishing business and begin to see where you fit.

Part of this initial discussion at includes talking about my fee. Let me start this part of the discussion with some information.

  • If you want me to write a 250-300 or more page non-fiction book where I’m working through phone interviews it could run as high as $60,000 paid over a year or 18 months. That’s not paid all at once and we don’t even start until we’ve both agreed and signed a letter of agreement.

Another thing that’s true of these questions is each can easily, and often does, lead to additional questions, Plan on spending half an hour to an hour with me on out first call. There may be a second call.

You’ll ask questions – a FAQ

My Ghosting FAQ

There are some pretty typical questions people ask. Here are most of them. If your question isn’t here, call or email me.

Q: This is a great book. Everyone will want it. If I give you a percentage will you write it for free?

A: No. Not unless you have a great publisher, then I might consider taking a percentage and reducing my fee. Yes, both. Most books don’t earn much if any. Yes, I’m happy to talk with you in more detail.

Q: Can you give me any more examples of books you’ve ghosted?

A: Yes, but not here. Since the one’s you’d be most interested and is probably under a non-disclosure, I do have permission to talk one-on-one about them with potential clients.

Q: Should I self-publish or look for a normal publisher?

A: I don’t know. You’ll be involved with marketing your book either way. This is a conversation we can have in some detail should we decide to work together.

Q: Can you help me find an agent or a publisher?

A: I don’t have any pull with either. I can give you some guidance on how to find your own.

Q: If I hire you, will I have t do anything or do you do it all?

A: Yes, you’ll be reading and signing off on every chapter. I’d suggest planning on two hours per chapter and then one final read all the way through. You’ll also be involved in the marketing.

Q: Should I hire you as a coach to help me write this book?

A: It depends. Do you like writing? Are you any good, or do you know. We’ll talk about it and may do some experimenting.

I think it’s obvious that you’ll have more questions, which is as it should be.

Proposal time

If we agree we’re a fit you’ll get a formal proposal.

This will detail your actual price, payment schedule, writing schedule, ability to cancel, etc. will all be spelled out in a written proposal. In fact, if we schedule a phone call I’ll give you my non-disclosure which will protect your rights to your work.

Let’s have a conversation,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer

Anne’s writing credits

Simply click here: Annes writing resume 121023pdf

You’ll be taken to a .pdf you can read on screen and/or print if you like.

Thanks for your interest,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer


Image: Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash