How Creatives and Writers Can Always Have New Ideas

green trees in a lit lightbulb - ideas for writers and creativesIt seems all creatives, no matter what we create, have one thing in common. We need to come up with new ideas as we move from project to project.

I keep myself sane and productive by maintaining an idea list, now on my so called smart phone. I downloaded a notebook app and there, along with all sorts of other snippets, is my writing idea list. If I ever get back to pottery I’ll add one for that creative venture as well.

Although when it’s writing time, usually I come to my computer with an idea, I sometimes wake up as I did this morning feeling anything but creative. Coffee and a shower helped, so did some breakfast. I was tempted to nap, but it’s already well past noon and I knew if I did, I’d get no writing done today.

Creativity is also about self-discipline

If you’ve been creating for any length of time you’ve noticed that not much gets done unless you do it. If you’ve been  working your own creative projects for any length of time you know, even if you haven’t noticed it yet, that you know when your working and when you’re goofing off.

While goofing off can be well deserved self-care, be sure you’re telling yourself the truth. The discipline of self- awareness gives you way more choices than you might expect. As an example I’m still wanting a nap. When I check the time again, and knowing I’m going to be gone most of tomorrow I decide to keep writing. Another day I might make a different decisions.

I did look at my list today

I think it was in the shower I had the thought “I’ll write about ideas.” I remembered I’d written about ideas before which is why after I was dry I glanced at my list. I also knew that every time I write about a topic, it will turn out differently then the last time. I was also reassured I had at least a couple of dozen ideas on my list.

When I finish and publish this I’ll draw a line through ‘ideas’ on my list if it’s there and date it. A single line let’s me read it and the date is helpful when deciding to use it again.

Reusing ideas

For writers reusing ideas is perfectly fine. Sure you may be able to sell a reprint, but often it won’t take much to rewrite it for a specific audience which my double your price or more. It’s a judgement call.

The rules can be different in other media. Using someone else’s idea should be handled carefully. Again, when I was potting another potter developed a different way of making statues than I had seen before. Without thinking much about it I tried her technique which was easily discernible just from looking at a few of her pieces. I didn’t hesitate to try it and it worked. My statues looked more primitive than hers by quite a bit, mostly because she’d had years more experience than I did. I wasn’t copying her statues, I was using a technique to get my results. I did check with the studio owner/teacher and she encouraged me.

Besides legally in this country ideas, facts and concepts can’t be copyrighted. You may be able to patent or trademark the results of an idea, but you really need an attorney who specializes in those specialties if you want to pursue that kind of protection

Ideas are everywhere

Which brings me to my next point. Ideas are literally everywhere. Just look around you–pick something, anything and think about how you could use your creativity to share about it in an artistic way.  Let your mind soar. Prepare to be delightfully surprised.

Write and create well,

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  1. Ideas are indeed everywhere. The shower seems to be a great place for ideas to show up. For me, it’s the porch swing.

    So glad to see you back at it, my friend. 🙂

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