fresh startOriginally conceived as a website about resources for freelance writers, I bought this domain name, AboutFreelanceWriting, in June of 2004 and continued the writing blog I’d taken over from what was  About.com.

I left there to begin on my own, which worked for a long long time. In roughly the middle of 2019, all of my websites were lost.

I’m still not sure what happened, but I wasn’t backed up the way I thought I was.

Shortly before that disaster I’d started a new venture. I joined Democracy Counts, a tech startup in San Diego working to develop the tools and processes that allows regular people to perform independent audits of elections. Not exactly resources for freelance writers, but important work.

What a trip that’s been, a good one, for me. My original thought was it would be part time but I became and still am fascinated with the whole election integrity movement – I hadn’t even heard of it before I landed in their lap as it were. It became intense and I kept putting off dealing with my websites other than to change hosts.

We got through the Presidential election of 2020 and I expected a rest. But then the Georgia runoff for two senate seats descended on us, accusations of stolen elections grew and we launched our first app – Actual Vote through AmericaCounts.us.

Now in the fall of 2023 I’m rebuilding this site from scratch. For the moment I’m now in a position where I can work on both writing and with Democracy Counts.

As it stands at the moment, while I will do some blogging here at AboutFreelanceWriting.com, instead of daily or weekly or other predictable pattern, I’ve taken myself off the hook and will post a blog when so inclined.

I’m also taking a stab at affiliate marketing. The idea will be familiar to many. For years I did book reviews and posted them with a link to Amazon. If you bought through that link I earned a small commission. If I’m smart about how I choose the items I offer more.

I will, however, be looking to review, write about, engage in partnerships with ideas and resources for freelance writers and other creatives. More about that as it develops.

It’s good to be back.

As always,

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer


Image: Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash