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Creative woman pointing to a drone above herA long time ago I discovered affiliate marketing. Simply put if you have a website, some m(arketing companies will pay you a commission when you list and sell one or more of their products. Amazon is a decent example.

Amazon as an example

You can get information and register there,

From their home page drop down to the bottom and you’ll find a good third of it has a black background.  There is a column called Make Money With Us (search on ‘money’ if you don’t find it,)  In that column click on Become an affiliate.

This is where  you will find Amazon’s affiliate details.  They have a reputation for small commissions, but they can add up over time. Particularly effective if you review something they sell, like books, equipment, etc.

The bottom line is any affiliate link you click on here and if you buy from that link I’m likely to end up with a small commission. How small? Well the most I’ve ever made this way was $600 one time from selling a course of some kind ages ago. On the other hand, I’ve also made literal pennies on other things. Pennies are far more likely.

I’m hoping to make this site more profitable, but I’ve got a long way to go.

Write and create well,

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