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Abundant Writing News
April 30, 2008
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  • 62 Freelance Writing Jobs - the truth is I'm cheated this week and actually did the job list on Thursday evening... I start a retreat at 6 a.m. on Friday and figured this was a better approach then not posting at all.

  • If you get a gig from this list come brag about it on our forum - you'll have to register but that's no big deal.

If you can't get to the jobs from the newsletter you can from either www.thegoldenpencil.com or www.aboutfreelancewriting.com

  • Featured Article:

Write For Food (& Good Money, Nice Vacations, Flexible Lifestyle, and More…)

A Guest Article by Peter Bowerman

So, you wanna be a writer, huh? Do you enjoy starving? I mean, that is the cliché, right? Well, yeah, I suppose so, but not so fast... (more)


Not the article you want right now? There are lots more. See the list on the Article Index.

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