Abundant Writing News

Abundant Writing News
Feb. 1, 2008
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  • 73 New Freelance Writing Jobs  - this is the first week we've had 200 jobs!

  • If you get a gig from this list come brag about it on our forum - you'll have to register but that's no big deal.

  • NOTE: I'm moving this weekend... only about 12 miles down the road, but I've been told my 'net connection will be hooked up sometime between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. My hunch is there will be no jobs posted on Monday, Feb 4.

If you can't get to the jobs from the newsletter you can from either www.thegoldenpencil.com or www.aboutfreelancewriting.com

  • Featured Article:

Reprints - Sell Your Writing Multiple Times

You can multiply your income when you sell your writing multiple times

Congratulations! You've written and sold an article! Take a deep breath and consider how, with little or no rewriting, you can you sell it again and earn even more money... (more)

  • Not the article you want right now? There are lots more. See the list on the Article Index.

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