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Yes! I Accept Donations!

At the suggestion of the folks in our forum, I've set up a way to accept donations... but it seems to me you might want to know why a donation from you makes sense.

  • Twice weekly job postings - at no charge - a couple of people have actually sent me a percentage of what they've earned from these postings. I love surprises like that.
  • Free articles - what some consider the absolute best source of information for freelance writers.
  • A truly supportive forum - if you haven't joined, try it. We've got real pros, true beginners and everything in between. It's free.
  • Free listing of your website - open to any writer or editor.
  • Free reviews of the best books and other products for writers.
  • Links to other resources - the best of the best

Of course, some might ask, "But don't you make money from the ads and ebooks?" The answer is yes, but if I told you what it worked out to hourly, you'd tell me I'm crazy.

Ready to donate? Just click on the button, add the amount and you've done the deed.

If you'd rather send a check, email me for the address.

Other Ways To Support The Site

There are other ways you can support this site, including:

  • Linking to it from your website or blog

  • Letting any writing and editing organizations you belong to know about the site

  • Telling other writers and editors

  • Interviewing me about the site or about freelance writing in general

  • Other ways you dream up

Thanks to all of you, and, as always,

Write well and often,


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Yes! I Accept Donations!


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