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Make Money Writing Booklets

Sell your knowledge by writing small bits

Most freelance writers, myself included, tend to think we need to write either articles or books. A few weeks ago I ran into an old friend, Paulette Ensign who reminded me to expand my thinking. She has developed a profitable business around writing and selling booklets. And she’s taken it to the next step by teaching others, both writers and other professionals, to do the same thing.

Like so many good things, Paulette sort of stumbled into the booklet writing business. She’d been in the organizing business when she sent for a booklet about how to do better business presentation. When it arrived, she realized she could create something similar. Eventually she did, with two booklets. Each was 16 pages and designed to fit in a standard business envelope.

It wasn’t instant riches by a long shot, but over time she learned how to market her booklets, selling almost a million in four languages.

What Is A Tips Booklet?

This is how Paulette defines Tips Booklets:

  • Tips Booklets educate a target audience with tips, techniques, or strategies.
  • Tips Booklets have simple design, with minimal graphics, photos, and colors.
  • Tips Booklets measures 3 ½" x 8 ½".
  • Tips Booklets are 16 to 24 pages.

Educate a target audience with tips, techniques, or strategies is the key, and what makes a booklet project or two ideal for freelance writers. We all know something that others would be willing to pay us for. The trick is to figure out what that is and boil it down into a relatively few pages that can be turned into a booklet we can market or get others to market for us

Ghostwrite Tip Booklets

It’s also possible to ghostwrite booklets for others. Many corporate clients, who tend to think in terms of brochures, white papers and sales sheets, could benefit from booklets to either sell or give away. So could almost any service provider, from chiropractor to welders. You’re limited only by your imagination.

Of course, you could also do a booklet about your own services, perhaps giving your clients tips on how to prepare so they get your absolute best writing. Paulette is full of ideas about using booklets to market yourself.

I’ve actually used parts of Paulette’s system, creating booklets for the 12 Step movement; you can see the ebooklet versions at: Powerfully Recovered. I’ve also sold print versions of my booklets, so I know it can be done.

Paulette has an extensive website at Tips Booklets. Not only does she offer consulting, teleclasses and taped courses on creating your own booklet business, she offers an affiliate program, a place to market booklets you create and an active forum.

Check it out. Booklets may be in your future.

Write well and often.



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