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Freelance Writers and Blogs

Some opinions about blogging and freelance writers

Shortly after I launched this site, I also became a blogger. I joined AboutWeblogs.com and with lots of help, created The Freelance Writing Blog. Soon after my son, his wife and two of my grandkids visited New York with my camera. Mike created a family blog that journaled the trip, complete with pictures.

Of course, there's little point to blogging if you don't get traffic, and it wasn't long before I discovered traffic exchanges, like Blog Explosion.

The idea behind these exchanges is "I'll look at your blog if you look at mine." The more blogs you surf in the exchange, the more times your blog is exposed. It's a great way to avoid real work and has at least more potential than say playing solitaire. It's also revealing

Types of Blogs

My blog surfing reveals roughly four categories of blogs:

  • Blogs that provide information
  • Personal Diaries
  • Political rants and raves
  • Creative writing

My blog surfing also reveals there's an incredible amount of dreck in the blogosphere. There are also some real gems out there.

My favorite kind of blog is the ones that provide some sort of information. Aboutweblogs is a network of blogs that do just that. For the most part, personal diaries drive me nuts. Political rants and raves range from good to awful, but they do provide a valuable and sometimes scary view about how people think. I've found very few creative writing blogs that are worth the cyberspace they take up.

Think About Your Reader

If you're going to blog, think about your reader. Is the world likely to be interested in your ongoing story? Probably not - but it may be perfect for a select circle of friends and family. The same thing is true for creative writing.

On the other hand, if you have solid information about almost any subject, you've got a much larger potential audience.

Political rants and raves allow you to find like-minded folks. I keep thinking Emerson, the founding fathers, Thomas Paine and even Betsy Ross would have loved blogging.

Check Your Spelling!

If you're going to blog, check your spelling! Pay attention to grammar. Respect your reader and your reader will keep coming back.

David W. Boles   has some additional points about blogging that are worth taking a look at.

Write well and often.

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