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The Fine Print: What Print on Demand and EBook Publishing Contracts Really Say

An eBook by Mark Levine, J.D

Save $Hundreds$ in Book Publishing Fees & Get $527 Worth of Book Publicity Services FREE!

Lawyer Mark Levine has written a 318 page eBook that spells out in detail what youneed to know when you're dealing with an eBook or Print On Demand Publisher. I don't know if it actually increase your royalties by 600% as his ad says, but it's bound to increase them significantly.

There is all sorts of solid info here. For example, Levine says, the more selective a publisher is about the manuscript it accepts, the lower the publishing fees charged the author.I'll bet he's right. As he points out, this is important because you want a POD publisher who makes their money selling books rather than getting fees from writers.

One of the murky areas in the POD arena is royalties. Not only do you have to weigh the percentages you'll receive, you have to weigh them against the publishing fees. But that's not all. Some publisher pay net, others gross. Then there's the difference between royalties paid on direct sales and those paid on third party sales. Levine helps you sort it all out so you're comparing apples to apples. In fact, he does a lot of comparing for you in the book. (more below)

I like the way he breaks down the parts of a POD contract - it's truly helpful. And I couldn't agree with him more that you should avoid contracts that lock you in for long periods of time or for multiple works. He details why, which is bound to make you a better negotiator.

It's really tempting to recommend this book on the strength of its comparison of POD publishers. There's an amazing amount of work that goes into this portion of the book. There's a chart and then there is some in depth information about each publisher.

My only hesitancy about this part of the book is that I'm afraid it will get out of date rather quickly. Of course, it's an ebook, which means it can be updated. He makes no promises so be careful and double check everything, maybe even triple check it before you sign any contract.

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Read The Fine Print - Increase Your Royalties By At Least 50% or Your Money Back!



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