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The Abundance Book

by John Randolph Price

I'm a firm believer that how we think determines pretty much what we experience. And although I've earned a modest living as a freelance writer, another truth is I have a real tendency to be an underearner. For the last couple of years I've been taking definite steps to change that, and it's working.

One of the ways I work on increasing my income is to increase my abundance consciousness through prayer and meditation. (Many of you know I'm a confirmed 12 Stepper, which forms the bedrock foundation of my belief system.)

I recently stumbled into John Randolph Price's The Abundance Book on my bookshelf. I've had it for years, and I probably at least read it when I first got it.

It's a tiny book - less than 100 pages and just a bit larger than a 3 x 5 card. Yet it's packed with wisdom. The key teaching of this book is that God (however you want to say God) is the true source of our abundance, our earning. This is a truth I'm learning to make my very own.

But the thing I like most about this book at the moment is his 40 day plan. Yep, he's outlined 40 days worth of prosperity meditations, and I started today. He suggests 15 minutes contemplation on each topic and I found it easy and delightful to do. Join me if you like!

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