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Of Terrorism, Peace and This Freelance Writer

July 7, 2005

On Sept. 11, 2001 I wrote the following for another website of mine:

On this day of incredible tragedy through senseless destruction, may we respond with faith rather than fear. I belong to ActivistSanDiego which aims to bring about social justice. Martin Eder included this statement in a newsletter today:

Terrorism is born of hopelessness. It is an unnatural state of affairs. A social order that has closed the doors on dignity and the possibility of democratic participation is a breeding ground for individualistic and suicidal desperation. A society full of cruelty will produce cruel offspring. A society based on class hierarchies, racial divisions, religious discrimination and national oppression will have no peace. There is peace born of justice and equality. There is also the peace of repression and dictatorship, but this is always a temporary peace.

...I believe that the events of today signal great change and in those moments of change is the opportunity to affirm life and love. I know that we can hold for peace, in ourselves, in our families, in our neighborhoods, in our country and in our world... 

Fear and rage are so tempting! ...My vision today is the world surrounded in love, light and peace.

Today, as we reel from the attack on London, and remember the attacks in Madrid, Belize and New York, plus the uncountable suicide bombers world 'round, I realize my opinion and belief hasn't changed.

What has changed for me is an increased determination to write for peace, to write for social justice, to write with an aim of A World That Works for Everyone.

I don't yet know what form this will take... but it begins here and now. I ask you to join me.

Love and blessings to you and everyone 'round the world.

Write well and often!



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