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How Freelance Writers Can Market Their Own Site

Of keywords, writing credits, pictures and more

How long has it been since you looked at your website? You do have a site that promotes you as a writer and/or editor, donít you?

If you donít, see Do Writers Need Websites? and get busy.

If, however, youíre like me, you have a site and tend to ignore it. Donít. Oh, you donít need to look at it every day, but you do need to check it every few weeks just to make sure itís still there. Normally, if you pay your bills, it will be, but once and a while something strange happens. I know of one writer whose ISP disappeared without notice; she didnít discover her site was missing for months.

Websites that market you donít need much maintenance, but they do need some. I go through mine (www.annewayman.com) every quarter or so.

Hereís what I look for:

  • Have I added new samples of my writing Ė samples that show me off well?
  • Do I need to remove anything?
  • Does the navigation still work well, or could it be made even more simple and obvious?
  • What about my keywords? Search engines are always changing how they do things and that may mean my keywords need revamping. And sometimes I add a skill and need to add a keyword or two.
  • Can I make my content more keyword rich without sacrificing the quality of the writing? It seems every time I ask myself this question I do a better job. My ISP gives me good statistics, so I check on the search strings there that are getting me page views. Then I do some other searches on those terms and see what my competition is doing and see who I can improve. I find the Alexa.com tool bar, which gives rankings, also helpful
  • I take advantage of the fact search engines read from left to right and make sure graphics are not getting in their way.
  • I make sure I submit or resubmit any page that changes and any page I add. I also use www.selfpromotion.com, which resubmits my site on a regular basis. (This is also an example of an affiliate link - if you decide to use selfpromotion.com and use this link, I'll get a tiny amount of money.)

It seems like every year or 18 months, I get tired of looking at my site and redesign it. I do this myself in FrontPage. I donít know if thatís needed, but it keeps me happy.

I also ask every single client who come to me in any way how they found me. I have gotten some great gigs from my website, making it all worthwhile.

Write well, and often.



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