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Your Writing Resume or Credit List

Show off your writing skills

Market listings ask for writing samples, clips and tear sheets because they want to assure themselves you can write. I know this because when I was editing magazines, that's what I wanted to know.

Like most editors, I figured that if you had been published in one or two or more places, the chances were you could also meet my expectations. In truth, I rarely read any of the clips sent - the fact they existed was enough for me.

So when I started freelancing, I put together a list of credits to send along with a query. It's worked well for me. In fact, I think editors are rather relieved at the approach - they don't have to figure out what to do with poor copies of articles, etc.

A Writing Resume

In many ways, my credit list looks like a resume. But instead of listing published items by date, I categorize them using such terms as Online Writing, Books Written, Articles Published, etc.

Under each category, I list the publication or publisher, the title of what I did and a very brief description. If there's a web address to my writing, I also list that.

You can see my list of credits at www.annewayman.com/resume.htm.

I maintain a word file that I can print and send if I'm using snail mail, or even attach to an email query. I prefer, however, to just use the link in an email query since spam is such a problem.

Writing Credits and the Web

Getting your writing credits up on your own website is an absolute must in my opinion. It's easy and inexpensive to do, and you'll find that, because your credits are on the web, it's easy to query, or apply for a job. And, once and awhile a customer will find you there - a customer you wouldn't have found any other way.

Read: You're a Writer - You Need a Website to find out just how easy it is.

Write well and often!

Anne Wayman, Freelance Writer, Ghostwrite, Writing Coach



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