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Letter of Intent for a Book Rewrite

Letters of Intent Are Good Tools for Writers

After I did a manuscript critique, the author asked me to submit a bid for doing the work. This is the proposal I submitted for the project. Note that it is actually set up to be a letter of agreement with the two signature blocks at the bottom. In this case, the proposal, with the residual income, was accepted. Note too, that this letter gives both of us a way to change the agreement or cancel it should a wheel come off.

On Your Letterhead

(Client’s name),

No matter which way I slice this, and I’ve tried many, I keep coming up with 150 hours over an 8-10 week period to rewrite and rework your book, currently titled (Working Title). This includes:

  • Rewriting the guts – tightening, rearranging, etc.
  • Developing proprietary characters and getting their dialogue in order for their dialog in each chapter
  • Reworking each exercise into some pattern
  • Developing a list of resources for the back of the book
  • An index
  • All front matter – title page, copyrights, dedications, intro, table of contents, etc.
  • Integrating the art you’ll provide into the text
  • Back of Jacket copy

In other words, you’ll end up with a book ready to go to a Print-On-Demand publisher with everything but the cover art, in .pdf, camera-ready copy.

You, of course, will be involved every step of the way.

My best guess at the moment is the pattern will be something like this: I’ll rewrite a chapter and send it to you… you’ll tell me where I’m right or wrong… either by phone or email or both… the first couple of chapters will probably be the most intense as I really learn your voice.

At my normal fee of $xxx an hour, that’s $xx,xxx. Another approach would be for me to charge $xx an hour for $xx,xxx and x% of your net. I’d like to get a third up front or $x,xxx; a third when we’re half way through which would seem to be at the end of the current Chapter 7, including Proprietary Characters Dialog and Exercises for those chapters, and the final third when we declare it done.

My work will begin when the first payment is received; estimated time of completion, approximately 8-10 weeks from start of work.

You, of course, retain all copyrights, including, but not limited to electronic rights and ownership of the finished product as well as any and all materials used in creating the finished book. You also retain all rights to any ancillary products, including, but not limited to articles, eletters, ezines, and, specifically to the Proprietary Characters

We will need a good proofreader – you probably have one on your team, if not, I have several. We’ll also need a cover designer for the cover, spine and back cover; you may have that already. If not, I have people who will submit bids to you.

(Client name), this is a project I’d really like to do. This letter of agreement states our mutual intentions at this date. We both recognize that things change and that this is essentially a personal service agreement, alterable by either party in writing with 14 days notice and cancelable by either party in writing with 14 days notice.

Love and blessings,

Anne Wayman

_____________________ (Date Signed)





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