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Question: Should I include the article with my query?

When Your Article Is Already Written

Question: I know that generally when you have an idea for an article, you first submit a query letter to the editor.  My question for you is this.  What if you have already written the article?  Should I still submit a query highlighting the major details along with the research and information I already have or should I go ahead and submit the entire article?  I would appreciate any advice you could give me on this matter. Tina

Answer: Hi Tina, you're talking about making an over the transom submission. It's a perfectly acceptable way to submit an article and even has some advantages. The editor can make a decision based on the actual article rather than on a query, which is a promise. It particularly makes sense to submit the complete article when you have few credits.

The only disadvantage is that you shouldn't submit the article to more than one market at a time.

In terms of the cover letter in this situation, keep it brief. State that you're including an over the transom submission, a line or two about why you're the best person in the world to write this article and the fact that you've included an SASE.

The article will stand on it's own.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, Freelance Writer

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