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Using a Writing Coach

Is a writing coach in your freelance future?

I've been coaching freelance formally and informally for several years. Writers come to me for a variety of reasons, including:

  • the need to brainstorm ideas for books or articles

  • getting unstuck on a book or other writing project

  • getting clear on goals

  • help with finding markets

  • understanding the self publishing process

  • marketing themselves as a writer

  • a desire for someone who understands the writing process and is on their side with support

  • help with editing

It seems that my job as a writing coach breaks into three general categories; I provide,

  1. Information

  2. Accountability

  3. Editing

Coaching Providing Information for Writers

Providing information in a coaching context is fairly
straightforward. If the writer is considering self-publishing a book, I simply tell them what I know, from cover design through recommending printers. We also discuss such things as ISBN numbers, book distribution and the like.

If a writer wants to know how to market a book, an article, or themselves, I again tell them what I know and give them directions to find specific and general information that will help them make solid decisions.

Creating Accountability for Writers

Freelance writers often feel they are working in a vacuum. The work is self-generated and self-paced. It can, particularly in the beginning, be terribly difficult to stay focused. A writing coach can really help in this area by providing someone to report to.

It usually works like this:

My client will say I want to complete my article on xxx by the end of the week. I'll ask some questions about the realistic possibilities of getting that done - things like schedules, research, etc. We'll determine a definition for "complete;" manuscript done, manuscript sent, etc. Together we will determine an actual date the article is to be complete.

If, when the client calls for the next appointment, the task is complete, I help them acknowledge themselves for a job well done and we move on to the next.

If, however, the task isn't complete, we discuss why. The goal is always to make it possible for the writer to work effectively. It's amazing how often we uncover some resistance and can break it loose so the writer can get on with writing.

Editing and Coaching

In my practice, coaching is different than editing. While I provide both, in a coaching context I only provide direction and suggestions so the client can do the necessary editing.

If the client wants line editing or the work needs substantial rewriting or refocusing, and wants me to do it, that's a different service and gets charged differently. It's up to me to help the client understand the distinction.

What the Writer/Client Brings

If you're considering some writing coaching you need to bring:

  • a general idea of what you want to accomplish

  • a willingness to set and keep telephone appointments

  • a willingness to do the assignments agreed on, or to discover why you're not able to do them

  • an open mind and a willingness to communicate your truth

Coaching is a partnership that can be fun, enlightening and worthwhile.

Write well and often.

Yes, I offer coaching or mentoring. For information, see my personal site: www.AnneWayman.com. Or you can email me.



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