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Setting Goals for Your Writing Business

Plan to Prosper

As a freelance writer, you're in business for yourself. Make no mistake about it, your writing is a business, even if you do it part time. And one element of a successful business is a vision or goals. What do you want from your writing? This month, next year, in five years? Creating a vision makes success much more likely.

Two kinds of writing goals

There are two sorts of goals for your freelance writing business:

  • Goals about your writing
  • Goals about your writing business

Goals about your writing might include things like learning how to plot or improving transitions, or just writing more.

Goals about your writing business probably includes selling to specific markets and increasing your rate per word, your hourly rate or your annual income.

Where are you now?

Good goal setting begins with an honest understanding of where you are right now.

For example, I don't plot well; if I want to make writing fiction one of my goals, I'd need first to address my confusion over plotting.

If I wanted to open an office outside my home for my writing business, I'd not only need to know what I'm money I'm currently making, but what my expenses are as well - only then could I know how much more I'd need to make to support the office.

In my example, my desire to learn to plot doesn't take a whole lot of assessment. On the other hand, if I want an office and my financial records are a mess, I've got some homework to do before I start the goal setting.

What do you really want from your writing business?

Goal setting begins with a vision of what we want. It's here we must dare to dream. Do you want to write a best selling novel? Or replace your day job with freelancing? Or double your freelance writing income? Whatever it is, write it down.

Break large goals into manageable hunks. If a best selling novel is your goal, and you've yet to master characterization, make that your first goal. If you want to double your income, look carefully at what needs to be done first and make that your initial goal.

Set a time frame for each goal. Goal setting is much more likely to be effective if you set a specific date to accomplish the goal. So add a date, but don't get hung up on it. You won't reach each and every goal exactly the way you plan to reach it. Life happens; you may reach it sooner or you may discover several other things have to happen first.

I use GoalPro to manage both my goals and my calendar. It allows me to set great big goals and helps me break them down into manageable chunks. It will download appointments to Outlook if you want and they offer a trail version so you can see if you really want to work with it.

Goal setting for our freelance writing business is a tool that, properly used, keep us on track.

Write well and often.



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