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starting over Yes, here at About Freelance Writing I’m starting over, sort of  If you read the new About page you’ll get some of the back story – roughly how in 2019 all my websites disappeared.

I’m back, starting over in a sense. Some of the resources for freelance writers found here will seem the same – unless you’re new to this blog. If you are new it will be totally fresh.

And yes, it is a bit like riding a horse or a bicycle, once you really learn it, writing will always be part of you. If, as I’ve done, you take time out to do something else, and you want to go back to writing you’re not really starting over.

Instead, as I sit her typing  I realize it’s almost like it was before. Only better. I have more confidence in both myself and my audience.

That’s why I chose the hopscotch image. Okay, I know websites and blogs don’t go in an exact order, but they sure feel like hopping from one idea to another.

Not really starting over

I suspect that I’m not starting over so much as bringing a whole new set of experiences and filters and ways of thinking to you here.

Because of what I’ve learned about myself through Democracy Counts, I say yes to the right things more often, have much more faith in myself and pretty much recognize that you’re most likely an adult, or at least mature enough to recognize the opportunities that will work for you.

The Starting Over Mission

The main purpose or mission of this blog is expanded. The old site was dedicated to helping freelance writers earn more money. To that I’m adding… and have more fun. Put together, the mission statement is to help freelance writers earn more money and have more funIf I ever start selling t-shirts  I might make that the first slogan. Yes, I will be selling ebooks here, and expect to do some other ancillary income projects I’ll let you in on as I go.

Let me know what you think, and what you’d like to see here. I don’t promise to do it all, but I will listen to your suggestions.

Write well and often.

Anne Wayman, freelance writer

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